Full management of apartment for seasonal rentals


From Opening Doors we take care of advertising and promoting the rental on different online platforms and personal contact networks. We attend visits with the purpose of concluding contracts of minimum duration of one month and maximum of 11 months. We select the profiles and validate the personal and financial documentation of the potential tenant.

Contract and Deposit

At Opening Doors we take care of drafting and signing the contract. We transfer the security deposit to the Institut Català del Sòl (INCASOL) and pay the ITP tax when appropriate.

Cleaning service and preparation of the apartment

At Opening Doors we carefully select and train our team of cleaning workers to maintain a high standard of quality. We organize the cleaning and preparation of the apartment. When necessary, we manage the specific cleaning of curtains, sofas and carpets.


We hand over the keys to the guest, take a guided tour of the apartment and explain the house rules and available services.

Assistance 365 days a year

From Openinfg Doors we assist the tenant and the community from Monday to Monday. Telephone open 24 hours for urgent matters.


We manage the collection of rentals and supplies when appropriate.

Check out

We inspect the apartment at every check-out. We return the deposit deducting the amount of the damages if any.

Purchase management

We make the purchase of amenities, sheets and towels, dishes, small appliances, furniture, etc. to replace those that have been depleted or damaged.

Full maintenance management

We periodically inspect the apartment for maintenance needs and manage it with the approval of the owner. We have a technician to solve small problems and a set of specific professionals (AACC, heating, electricians, plumbers, etc.) for more complex issues.


We record income and expenses and we keep the files of commercial, legal and tax documentation. We issue reports for the accountant to have the taxes done.

What are the advantages of a medium term rental?

You control the availability of your home: it is a fixed-term contracts and you are not obliged to renew, so you have your home available again in a few months.
High return on investment: rents are higher than a residential rental.
Low bad debt ratio: whoever comes with a planned stay for a limited time also plans their finances.
We are available 365 days a year to assist the guest during their stay.
You don't have to worry about a thing because we take care of everything!