Do you want to buy a home in Barcelona?

From Opening Doors we accompany you in the search and selection of properties, either to live, to use as a second residence or as an investment.
We offer our services in four stages:

Analysis stage: we collect information of all homes that meet the previously defined features with the client. We select the most suitable ones to plan the first visit.

Visiting stage: We visit the properties and inform our client of the features and feeling. We re-select those that the client is interested in visiting. We do the second visit together so that the client makes the final decision.

Sale stage: Prices are offered, the purchase is reserved, the documentation is collected and verified and is coordinated with the notary's office. The act of sale is carried out before a notary.

After-sales stage: Taxes are processed and presented to the registry. We deliver all the documentation to the client.


Why hire a personal real estate shopper?

  • Because you save time and effort.
  • Because we know the market and we get the best price.
  • Because we take care of the procedures and documents.